StartUp Venture

Dear Friends & Family.

As you know I graduated university 2yrs ago, but have been unable to find work in my field. Therefore, I have decided to start my own business. As dad always said "if you can't find a job, make one"!

So, from now on I would much prefer that you direct your generosity not to Birthday presents but to funding my new endeavour. My plan is to make a dent in clothing technology and wearables. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Luv, Leia

Travel Adventure

Hellooo Friendlies and Famollies...

I will be completing my Eco-Construction PHD in the fantastic country of Norway over the next 12 mounths, no sense sending me gifts as the shipping costs will out way the gift value, unless...You send me a Fabergé egg.

Alternatively, a dollar or krone will first be cherished and then spent for true necessities as I must pay for all of my travel and living expenses during this period.

Thanks Much ! Sean

Home Improvement

Hi Friends and Family

Not sure if you have heard the big news, yet, but i am getting married... yes, again! David is a such a special person and a wonderful father. We have decided to move into my itty-bitty house as it is much closer to public transit.

Therefore, in lieu of the typical gifts we would truly value big/small funds to put towards renovating our
family home.

Hugs & Kisses ! Lisa, David and little Will

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