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The Secret Ingredient to an Epic Bachelorette Party

Planning a bachelorette party? Considering the more obvious destinations like Las Vegas? So many parties have happened there, they happen there everyday, and will continue to take place in Las Vegas accompanied by many exciting drinks, partying, and gambling. Your bachelorette party is also an opportunity to create closer bonds with your girlfriends. In addition to the regular celebration, consider addingread more
Survive Your Wedding Day with Grace

Survive Your Wedding Day with Grace

Wedding planning can take a toll on the parties involved as it demands significant time, manpower and attention. These take away from the time and emotional connection an ‘about-to-be-wed’ couple might have with each other. Have you considered having a pre-ceremonial holiday instead of a bachelor/bachelorette party? Think of it as a pre-wedding honeymoon that doesn’t necessarily replace the actualread more
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In the New Year, Make Your Resolution Living With Less

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? If there is still room to make some changes in your life, consider living with less. At Kiiah, we’ve made it our mission to help you convert your gifts into experiences and things your truly value. We want you to take this approach with your entire life. Did you know Americans spendread more
5 Zero Waste blogs

Top 5 Zero Waste Blogs to Inspire You to Live With Less

Did you know that the average American produces over 3 pounds of trash a day? It’s amazing how many of the world’s problems could be solved if we all decided to live more consciously and with a little less. We could preserve ecosystems, reduce our carbon footprint and even end up happier in the process, not to mention how itread more

5 Online Music Fundraising Campaigns That Hit It Big

Are you a musician who’s looking to switch your unwanted gifts for something you really value, like the chance to record an album and take your music to the next level? With Kiiah, you can ask friends and family to help fund your dreams.  And you aren’t alone in this desire. Many have turned to friends, family and the publicread more
Worst gifts according to reddit

The Worst Gifts Ever According to Reddit

We’ve all received them. No matter what the good intentions of the giver were, we have all gotten a gift that is promptly disposed into the closet never to be touched again. So we scoured reddit to find the worst gifts ever received. Can yours top this list? Find out below. Right away, one of the most common reasons aread more

Wishing Well Box vs Online Cash Gift Registry: Which is For You?

  I still remember the time I saw The Philadelphia Story, a 1940s motion picture starring Katherine Hepburn portraying Tracy, a socialite whose wedding plans are complicated by the simultaneous arrival of her ex-husband and a tabloid magazine journalist. In the first scene, there are lots of gifts on the road to Tracy’s wedding. She sees her impending wedding toread more

What is the best gift for Thanksgiving?

  The best gift for this Thanksgiving is something personal and memorable. Instead of getting stuff that will be forgotten by the time Christmas hits, opt for the gift of money. Alternatively, if you can capture the moments spent together and present them in a beautiful way, it can be a precious gift and a wonderful way to express gratitude. Here areread more
cominghome gift registry

Coming home – the best gift of all! A creative way to give (and receive) the gift of traveling home

London’s Heathrow Airport deserves a standing ovation for their Christmas commercial, which to remind us of the best Christmas gift of all – a Christmas homecoming! “Christmas is my favorite time of year at Heathrow – the airport is a buzz with families and friends reuniting for this special time of year,” said Heathrow’s commercial director Jonathan Coen. “We loveread more