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In 3 easy steps ...

  1. Create a wish

  2. Share your wish

  3. Receive gifted funds 

  • Create a personalized wish space and start celebrating life's more important moments  

  • Send customized invitations and thank-you messages by adding personalized videos, images and texts

  • Receive gifted funds from family and friends, their personal well-wishes and video messages

Go ahead and do that thing you've always dreamed of!


No more ugly sweaters 

No more random gift cards 


Kiiah connects your friends and family to your values, goals and aspirations, so that you can start making life-long memories! No more random stuff and wasted dollars.


Receive funds directly to your bank account with the added security of stripe integration.


Your wish space is exclusive to the people you've shared your wish list with.


Kiiah is a borderless multi-currency platform. You can receive money from friends & family anywhere, at anytime!


With Kiiah enjoy the gift of experiences, your way! Funds go directly into your bank account. Contributors pay a small transparent fee of 4.95%, no extra hidden fees. We want to help you achieve your goals, not take away from them.