Meet the Team

Our team is dedicated to creating an experiential gifting platform like no other! With an inclusive range of histories and backgrounds, our team brings a unique and dynamic approach to the gifting space! Our goal is to redefine the way people give and receive gifts, by focusing on fuelling dreams & aspirations.


Hayden Dent, CEO & Board Member

Beyond the exhaustive list of delicious dishes he cooks, our CEO wears a million hats to enhance our teams success. Whether strategizing next steps or solving start-up roadblocks, his passion for innovation is always present.

Kiiah is genuine

Deyvid Ferrer, Back End Developer

Don't let his charming voice fool you, our Back End Developer is tough when he needs to be, keeping everything running smoothly from behind the scenes. He’s always smiling and ready to take on a challenge.

Kiiah is a feeling

Elizabeth 'Lizzy' Azuya, Digital Marketer

When she’s not binge watching Netflix or exploring the great outdoors, this Digital Marketer is crafting influential online content and strategizing new and exciting marketing opportunities.

Kiiah is intentional

Devanshi Sanghani, Front End Developer

Her contagious laugh is sure to get you smiling any day of the week. As our Lead Front end Developer she keeps us on track, ensuring that our platforms functionality is being executed efficiently with the best performance in mind.

Kiiah is warm

Alayna Frey, Actions & Events Marketer

CN Tower edge walk. Check. Fed giraffes in Kenya. Check. Inside  the Pyramids of Giza. Double check. When this Corporate Actions and Events Marketer isn’t planning her next adventure, she’s positioning our brand for company growth and exposure.

Kiiah is thoughtful

Sarah Bye, Brand Ambassador

This coffee loving lady has become quite the self-taught barista at our office. But make no mistake, this Student Brand Ambassador does a LOT more than make a killer latte. Since she got here she has been leveraging our social media networks to engage new users with our brand!

Kiiah is empowering

Nicolle Colada, UI/UX Designer

Design in her clothes, her hair, it's in her blood, in her bones, and her mind. She has studied a variety of channels to create a wide-range skill set when it comes to creative. She's an artist at heart with a passion for gaming and cooking. She believes her hobbies will inform and fuel her work.

Kiiah is a wealth of experiences.

Ronak Khimani, Front End Developer

New places, new food & new people. Ronak's passion for growth and new life experiences transfers into the work he does here at Kiiah. Developing new features and functions are just a few of the tasks he enjoys working’s all about learning!   

Kiiah is creative


Our team of Bad Asses (Student Brand Ambassadors) are an amazing addition to Kiiah! These awesome students are leaders in sharing Kiiah’s values with others!

If you’re looking to join our team and make an impact in the tech and gifting startup ecosystem - apply today for Fall 2018!